Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Business Chick Gets with John MacCain

Ok people, get your minds out of the gutter...Imaginations run wild with these kinds of headlines - isn't this something Obama's people would LOVE to get their hands on! Well, I'm not talking about John...yet.

I run a successful Home Business with a group of highly respected, proven experts - so I like hanging out with these guys! Tom Prendergast - CEO of Veretekk and Internet Marketing Genius, Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, Dr. Raymond Jewell - Economic Advisor, Al Gonzalez - TriVita Leader, Gerald Van Yerxa CEO of Big Ticket to Wealth and many more. This is the Dream Team of Home Business, it's Tomorrow's Home Business - the Ultimate Team!

Do you think I'm exaggerating here just a tad? I can honestly say - absolutely NOT. The old adage of "you become who you're friends with" holds true, and IU know that for myself, I have been blessed to have a circle of friends that are successful, powerful - men. Don't get me wrong - there ARE a few powerful women of excellence in my sphere, such as Susan Bennett, Kim Buchanan - it's an honor to have them as my colleagues and friends! I do bet though you're wondering what my story is with McCain...well let me start from the beginning...

I come from Cuban/Lebanese Ancestors and was born in Cuba to a very Entreprenurial family who always had their own businesses - traveling sales family members, stores, jewelry etc. It's in my blood, even in my children I see independent sparks of business ideas and concepts - very cool. I was born in Cuba amidst the chaos of Castro taking over, thank you very much for taking my family's and compatriots wealth and life-as-we-knew-it away Castro...alas, we sought refuge in a country that heralded Freedom and Democracy - the power of CHOICE. The power of morally staying within the boundaries that freedom calls for. Now - zooming ahead to today's world...

Within the freedom we have to live our lives as we choose - there's been a noose tightening around the neck of the American People, ever so slightly, sneaking it's stronghold on unassuming, hard working people. That noose's name is MONEY, or the lack thereof. This is why I surround myself with Presidents. My good friends, Tom Prendergast and Butch Hamilton always tell me "to keep life simple". As Presidential as they are - they follow that golden rule. From them, I've learned not only to NOT have that "noose" around my own neck, but how to run the BEST HOME BUSINESS that has given me freedom, for myself and to reach out to others seeking that same kind of freedom. Now back to McCain!

Let me share some secrets John (McCain that is) told me...he said, "Let me be perfectly clear about what is at stake for our Nation if we fail to elect conservative Republican leadership in Washington, D.C....if liberals like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi control the White House, Congress and statehouses across the country...they will RAISE your taxes! Already, the Obama Democrats have laid out plans to pass record-setting tax increases.
If Republicans win, we will make the present tax cuts PERMANENT, work to cut additional taxes and simplify the tax code."

Hope you're not disappointed it wasn't smut you could damage John with! You wont get that from me - see Obama and his people for that...

In these economic times - with the impending doom of a major recession at our doorstep - companies down-sizing and takeovers changing the face of the work-force...more and more Americans are turning to a Home Based Business. We're going full circle here folks. History has shown that NO NATION has ever taxed its way to economic prosperity. John McCain - told me himself - he WANTS to restore the trust of the American people in their government!

I enjoy the freedom this country has to offer. I enjoy the freedom of having the choice to work from home! I enjoy the financial freedom my business has blessed me with. I have the time and means to stay home and raise my children, do whatever I want to do with my life, for my future, for my country!

Thank you John for such a long histroy of faithful service to this country - enduring hardship, torture and willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of freedom...hmmm sounds like someone else I know... superb qualities for a leader, qualities I feel secure with for myself, my children and a bright future.

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