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Solutions for Corporate Office and Home Businesses

In today's world, living in the American melting pot with people from all nationalities, customs, temperaments and generational differences, its no wonder there are so many conflicts in the work place. When there are people gathered together from different backgrounds - whether the setting is in an office, retail store, home based business in a team setting, school, wherever! There will always be conflicts and disagreements. Search on any news group on Google and all you see tragedy and conflict everywhere.

It's not to say that all folks are like that - some may become life-long friends, or just get along well enough to have a conducive work environment. Specifically I would like to address the flip side of that and talk more about resolving conflict and alternatives.

People have different experiences in life which shapes and forms who they are, why they act the way they do, and what their goals are in life. In our society until recently, the goal has been to climb the corporate ladder to success, but there's been a paradigm shift in that because of the economy and more pointedly - greed in some instances. Corporations are no longer stable. No longer do you really see 20-30 year veterans working in the same company anymore - they are a rare breed!

More and more - our society is focusing on building their own business. With the rising - exorbitant cost of Franchises, the more appealing choices are Home Based businesses. More and more people are discouraged with working a traditional "J-O-B", living paycheck to paycheck and are focusing on having control of their future, by starting their own Home Based Businesses. There's a deluge of Home Based businesses available to choose from, albeit not all are worth the time, effort and investment - but there are very good, reputable Home Based businesses to choose from.

I'd like to quote Actor “Rainn Wilson” who plays everybody's favorite workplace irritant on TV's "The Office" . Wilson had a few very interesting thoughts to say about real workplace offices when interviewed by "Business Week Magazine". One of the questions posed to him was what was his advice for those struggling to "make it" in their dream careers...his interesting answer was to give up immediately, move to Phoenix and go into Real Estate - he further states that in all seriousness, there's a big difference between living your dream and living in denial, you have to go where the universe is telling you to go.

What Wilson is trying to point out is that for your own well-being and benefit, if you're miserable in your job - whether or not it's the "dream job", it's time to reflect and decide if this is really where you want to be. Is this going to give you the kind of future you desire? Would you rather have your own home Based business that would give you freedom with your time, finances and family? There’s plenty to choose from on Google for sure!

Changing gear a bit, if you currently are in a situation where your workplace has issues, here's a few tips to help you smooth things out:

Dealing with the “nasty ‘tudes” -

Take a step back and reflect on what their childhood must have been like, what their marriage must be like, or how much they desire to have a partner but have none. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute and imagine how they must really feel about themselves. Even though they might make YOUR life miserable – you might just find some compassion for them, making easier on you when they rub you wrong.

Balance your work life and your personal life –

What is the main regret of successful business people on their deathbed? The majority regret not having spent enough time with their family! Too much stress, irritability usually means your life is out of balance. If you need to take work home, set aside a certain amount of time for it and the rest of the evening is to unwind and enjoy your family. If you have a Home Based business, set parameters as well. Work around your family’s schedule, that’s one of the benefits of having a Home Based business! You can work when and where you want, with today’s technology it’s easy to have a portable office. Balance is the key to keep your peace, sanity and family.

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